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Why My Husband Chose Montreal for Our Family

Why My Husband Chose Montreal for Our Family - Karen Parisi

Montreal! You must be crazy. I remember the words coming out of my husband’s mouth like it was yesterday. When he told me that we were moving to Montreal, I thought he was insane. We had grown up in a very small town, the both of us, and so, moving to one of the largest cities in the world seem like we were moving to the bone. It was a completely foreign world to us, and yet my husband was thinking that this was a good plan for us.

He had a lot of very convincing arguments, I will admit. He seemed very assured that the decision he was making was the right one for our family, and so I went along with it.

One area that I was particularly concerned with was the health of us moving there. We lived in a small community practically our entire lives, where the rivers were clear, and the air was clean. Now we were moving to a large city, where there would be pollutants in both the water and in the air. That was not for me.

My husband pointed out that there were all kinds of reports about the air quality testing Montreal, which proved that the city was a fantastic place to live. The cool climate of the city as well as the stringent laws that had been placed in by the province, city, and national governments insured that the city was a place that was safe to live. It was actually much healthier than most large cities that a person could encounter.

This seemed to only add to the benefits of why this was a good place for us to move. Our kids had a great hockey program to be a part of, as well as spectacular schools. My husband had great career opportunities in the city, and I found that they were great employment opportunities for me as well. Those were great benefits for all of us, which only added to how important those air quality test reports were.

Now here we are five years later extremely happy about the decision that we made. This is a beautiful city, with incredible opportunities, and spectacular culture. We love Montreal and love all the opportunities that we have been given. Plus, we love the fact that we can drink the water and breathe the air without any issue at all.

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