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A trip to Montreal

A trip to Montreal - Karen Parisi

For the past two years, I have tried to convince my hubby to go visit Montreal. I have never been there, but from what I have seen on the Internet, it seemed to be a great place to see. Lots of attractions, lots of music festivals and a great variety of amazing restaurants.

Now that hubby got a job for Marriott and we have the friends and family discount, we could afford staying in the hotel for a week. Thus, the accommodation issue being solved, we only had to either fly or drive to Montreal.

I'd rather fly and save a day that I would otherwise spend on the road, driving from Halifax to Montreal. But given the cost of the airplane tickets for the entire family, it was much more cheaper to drive. The gas would costed us less than what we would pay for one and a half tickets.

Therefore, we made a reservation at the downtown Marriott for the third week of August, and we hit the road. We left home around 4:30 AM, and we reached Montreal in the evening, close to 8:30 PM.

We were exhausted. We took a shower to refresh a bit and went out to have dinner. We loved seeing that the city was bustling even after 9 PM, on a Monday night. We walked a few blocks until we decided to step into a restaurant. The city looked so beautiful. There were so many shops and a lots of terraces still open.

I loved that most of the restos had terraces with big awnings montreal. I always liked to have dinner outside during the summer nights.Unfortunately back home, there were only a few places where we could have dined out. But those restos were a bit pricy compared to Montreal. Here I found that the restos were catering for all type of pockets, small and deep as well.

In the first evening we tried a Vietnamese soup called Pho, which was beef soup with vermicelli noodle and very thin slices of beef, served with a slice of lemon, sprouts and Thai basil. I had read about it on TripAdvisor, on Things to do in Montreal. The reviews were right. This soup was amazing.

Each day we tried different cuisines, and we were so happy with our choices. During the day we visited the city, crossed of our list all the places we planned to see. Each evening, after dinner, we went to the Old Port and hung out there, had a few drinks and then walked back to our hotel.

I wouldn't mind living there!

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