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The recreational center

The recreational center - Karen Parisi

Can you believe that I lived for almost three years in Pointe St.-Charles and I did not know that the recreational center located across the library had an indoor pool? All this time, I have been taking my son swimming to the pool on Notre-Dame corner with Des Seigneurs.

I have passed thousands of time in front of the recreational center, but I never stepped in. My mistake!

When I first moved in my dad’s neighbourhood I asked him about all the places I could have gone with my son, including this one on Hibernia Street. He replied that there was no pool, only a hockey arena. Since my son was not interested neither in skating nor hockey, I took his words for it, and did not investigate more. Now I am thinking that I should have, but it is too late.

Last summer when I purchased a house in Rosemont I hired a moving company Montreal to help me move. I was happy with the neighbourhood, but what attracted me more to that side of the city was the Claude-Robillard sports arena. That’s where I was going twice per week to play badminton.

Being closer to it was a big plus for me. I could have taken my son to swim on the same days I was playing badminton. The opening hours for the swimming pool coincided with my playing schedule. It saved me time and gas.

This morning I went to visit my dad as any other Sunday. It’s our family day when we enjoy spending time together. Generally I would cook and he would be playing with my son until the meal would be ready. Then we would go out for a short walk, rain or sunshine.

It happened that today when we were strolling down on Hibernia, just in front of the recreational center, I met one of my older neighbours. She used to live in the apartment above us. I was surprised to see her coming out of the center, since I knew she was never into sports. She revealed that she was pregnant. She was attending a prenatal aqua class.

That’s when I realized that there was a pool there after all. I gave a look to my dad and thanked him sarcastically for letting me waste my time going all the way to the pool on Notre-Dame, when I had one right around the block.

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Hello, my name is Karen Parisi. I am a young student who is passionate about life and I really love the Internet. My blog is a creative place where I talk about my daily life and my passions. I warn you, my projects and my tastes are very diverse and it will quite an adventure to read me.