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The grumpy old lady

The grumpy old lady - Karen Parisi

One of my friends recently returned from her first vacation as a family. Her maternity leave ended a month ago, and she extended it for a few more weeks. In a few days, she will have to return to her marketing internet job. It will be harsh on her after being away from the office for almost thirteen months.

They wanted to escape the cold for a week, thus they decided to go to either Cuba or Mexico, in an all-inclusive resort. When they checked online which vacation offer was cheaper, they were surprised to see a last minute offer for a seven days all-inclusive trip to Panama City, at the same price as a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Having heard a lot of positive reviews of Panama from her work colleagues, she convinced her husband to purchase it.

Everything was great from the moment they left until the last day over there, when they had a small incident. On their way to Panama, they got upgraded and moved to business class by the airline. The hotel and its amenities were looking better than described on TripAdvisor. The food and drinks were good. Plus the hotel had five restaurants to choose from where to have lunch or supper.

The beach was beautiful and the weather was exactly what they had been hoping for. Clear sky and no rain. After six days of enjoying the beach and literally doing nothing but eating, sleeping, swimming, tanning and off course, keeping an eye on the kids, they decided to go on one of the excursions offered by the hotel.

It was a one day trip to El Valle, a quaint mountain town, nestled inside a massive extinct volcano crater. It was only two hours away from the hotel and it offered a variety of attractions.

While they were in El Valle, strolling the twins in the artisans market, they bumped into a woman which lost her balance and almost fell down. My friend’s husband was the one who was pushing the stroller. He apologized for the incident in Spanish, and rushed to help her.

Before he could say any other word, the woman started to yell at him, and call him names. He was stunned. It was an accident and although he caused it, it was thanks to him that she didn't fall. He wasn't expecting a thank you, but also not being insulted in public. The victim, a retired grumpy old woman, assumed that my friend’s husband was a local, and he would not understand a word she was saying. Therefore she kept on pouring insults, until my friends’ children felt the tension and started to cry. At that point my friend snapped back at her. She was surprised that they spoke English.

It took my friends about twenty minutes to calm down her twins, who got worried by the old lady.

I wonder how many Americans act this way, looking down on others, thinking they are superior?

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Hello, my name is Karen Parisi. I am a young student who is passionate about life and I really love the Internet. My blog is a creative place where I talk about my daily life and my passions. I warn you, my projects and my tastes are very diverse and it will quite an adventure to read me.