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Girls’ day out with my sister

Girls’ day out with my sister - Karen Parisi

Today I went to buy some fences Longueuil with my sister. Her new house is getting ready and she will be moving in in the following weeks. Since I had a day off, I did not mind going with her. It’s nice to spend some time together once in a way, just us the girls.

We try to stick to our routine of visiting each other, each second weekend and have the kids playing together, but during the winter months it was hard to do so.

Whenever I was able to go see her, her kids were sick and I did not wish my ones to get the virus. Then when she was free, my kids had soccer practice. Something always came up. When we finally got together, we could not spend more than two hours, as my youngest daughter got a coin stuck in her nose and we had to rush to the emergency. That was a scary experience that I do not wish upon anyone.

I really enjoyed being with my little sister this morning. Just the two of us, no kids around to interrupt our conversation. It felt great. We both acknowledge that. Because of it, we decided to transform it into a weekly habit. We agreed on having a mommy’s day out, without kids, hubbies or parents. Me and her only, enjoying our own time, venting about our daily life and bonding.

After being with her for couple of hours, I noted that my energy levels were higher and that I was in a better mood. That’s because she made me laugh like crazy. She has a quirky sense of humour that I love. Not everyone is able to appreciate it though.

My mom, for example gets annoyed fast whenever my sister starts joking around. She can’t handle it. When my sister was in her teenage years, her and mom used to fight a lot. It was not a pretty sight to see them going through their drama on a daily basis. When that happened, doors were slammed, shouts and cries were normality. I hate dit.

I used to tell my mom to give her a break. I did not see where was the wrong in that, but my mom was very strict. Did I mention she was a religious person as well? I guess that that religious belief was responsible for her insecurities and her harshness. She was afraid of so many things and because she could not handled them, she tried to avoid them.

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