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Fighting fever and cough

Fighting fever and cough - Karen Parisi

My kid came down with fever again. It’s the fourth time I have him sick this winter. I mean the past months, since we are in July now. His fever has been up and down for three days now. Poor him, he is a sick puppy. On top of his fever, he has a horrible cough too. You know, how a bad thing never comes alone. Now we are fighting both.

I had to give him medicine, although I don’t really like the idea of administering drugs to kids. I had to reduce the fever. Generally I use homeopathic remedies. But seeing how bad he was, I decided to give him 5 ml of Children’s Ibuprofen Suspension. As for the cough, I switched his syrup to Stodal. After the second dose of medication, his cough became productive. Maybe a bit too productive, I would say. The poor munchkin started to cough each second minute, and his nose leaked as a faucet, allowing all the green mucus to come out.

Last two nights were extremely rough on him since he had difficulties breathing. He barely slept a few hours. During the night, his fever returned. I felt him burning. His entire body was hot. I was supposed to give him the medicine but I didn’t. I let him have some rest. His little body needed to rest, in order to be able to fight this sickness.

I know other parents would have waken up their children and given them them the meds. Well, I considered sleep was important as well.

As soon as he woke up in the morning I gave him the Ibuprofen and the cough syrup. Today he seems slightly better. I think I will stick with Stodal from now on. It acted faster than the Jut-U-Sin R8, the other homeopathic medicine I used to give him. 

When I heard my phone ringing this morning, I was tempted to ignore it and go back to sleep. Being awake most of the time during the past three nights, got me exhausted. After five more rings, seeing that it does not stop, I decided to answer the call. It was my mother. She wished to let me know that she was on her way her. She had to wait for a canal treatment Boisbriand, then she was heading over here. I was happy to hear that. With her around, I would be able to close my eyes for an hour or two, and let her take care of Mathis.

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Hello, my name is Karen Parisi. I am a young student who is passionate about life and I really love the Internet. My blog is a creative place where I talk about my daily life and my passions. I warn you, my projects and my tastes are very diverse and it will quite an adventure to read me.