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Becoming a Technician Gives You the Opportunity to Live Well

Becoming a Technician Gives You the Opportunity to Live Well - Karen Parisi

I met my husband when we were in college. He was a straight up computer geek, but I fell in love with him anyway. To be honest, he was the sweetest man I ever met, and I loved how smart he was as well. I was studying to be an artist, which is like studying to be poor, and he was learning to be a technician in cnc cutting.

When he asked me to marry him in my senior year, I wasn’t really sure that this was a good idea. I had no idea if this was a good paying job or not, and if both of us were poor how were we going to live? Needless to say, I was very worried.

He assured me everything would be ok. We got married and graduated a few months later. Now it was time to join the real world.

I wanted to focus on painting, so I asked my husband if he would be able to support us at first. No problem he assured me. I thought there had to be some problem, but he told me he would easily find a job, and once he did he would be able to take care of us. I had no idea what a network consultant made, so I wasn’t really sure if he was being real with me or not. The fact is, he was being real.

He had four offers for jobs before we even got out of college and he actually chose one that was a little less money because it meant a little more time off and a closer drive. “How much less,” I asked. When he told me $12,000 less I thought he was crazy. We were going to starve.

Come to find out that the company he went to work for he started out at $71,000 a year. That was his starting salary! He had great benefits and was able to not only take care of both of us but help me with the supplies I needed to work on my career. He was so amazing how he looked out after me and let me follow my dream as well.

I never thought that one day I would marry a nerd. Little did I know that nerds are the sweetest guys and love their wives best of all. Glad I learned this lesson the easy way.

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Hello, my name is Karen Parisi. I am a young student who is passionate about life and I really love the Internet. My blog is a creative place where I talk about my daily life and my passions. I warn you, my projects and my tastes are very diverse and it will quite an adventure to read me.